North Carolina Laws Regarding Personal Injury Cases

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Personal injury cases are some of the most emotional and stressful cases that there are, which is why it is highly recommended you seek legal representation as soon as possible if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence or malice. The complex nature and the various laws in North Carolina related to personal injury cases require having help navigating the process so you get the most favorable outcome.

North Carolina Laws Regarding Personal Injury Cases

One thing to know about personal injury laws in this state relates to the statute of limitations based on the type of claim. There is a three-year time limit for personal injury cases, including car accident, wrongful death, slip and fall, assault and battery, and dog bite situations. This limit is in place to preserve the integrity of witness testimony and evidence. This limitation applies to all personal injuries except for professional malpractice, which is 2 years or more after the occurrence of the last act of the defendant, maximum 4 years; and damages by reason of a foreign object left in body, 1 year upon discovery, maximum 10 years.

The other thing to know about personal injury cases in this state is that there are only caps on medical malpractice cases and punitive damages. Damages are broken down into economic and non-economic monetary compensation.

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