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Let us help you close on your new home.

In North Carolina, real estate attorneys manage the closing process on real estate transactions. So, when you purchase your next home, you will need an attorney to oversee and help you with this process.

Real Estate Closings in Terrell, North Carolina

At Tarantino Law, PLLC, we help with real estate closings throughout the Terrell, North Carolina area. If you need an attorney to help you close on a new home, we can provide exceptional service backed by comprehensive knowledge of real estate law and proper closing procedures.

When we oversee real estate closings, we manage many parts of this process. For example, we review the sales contract to ensure it is in the best interests of our client. We also perform a title search to make sure you will hold ownership of the property free and clear. Any legal process or paperwork required to complete the purchase of your new home will be reviewed and managed by our talented team of real estate attorneys.

Once the actual closing day arrives, we will make sure the ownership of the new home is effectively transferred to you. On closing day, funds will also be transferred from escrow, the deed of the home will be updated to your name, and you will pay for any mortgage and title fees.

We are known for the positive way we interact with and treat our clients, and we are always eager to oversee new real estate closings. To secure our services as your closing attorney or to learn more about our role in the closing process, contact our office today.

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