Child Support, Mooresville, NC

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Every state has their own child support guidelines, and it can be helpful to have someone knowledgeable in family law walking you through the process. At Tarantino Law, PLLC, we represent clients looking for resolutions on a variety of family law situations. Whether you need assistance with a separation agreement, divorce mediation, alimony, or child support, you can count on us to answer your questions about your rights and responsibilities.

Child Support in Mooresville, North Carolina

If you live in the Mooresville, North Carolina area, the child support process must follow North Carolina guidelines. Child support continues till 18 years of age, or up to 20 if still in high school, unless the child becomes emancipated. There are several different ways to go about beginning the process, including drafting an agreement, called a Voluntary Support Agreement (VSA), and putting it before a judge to approve. Another option is through a civil court action, which can be started by either parent or a guardian. Child support can also be outlined in a divorce order.

As for the amount of child support, a judge calculates it based on a complex formula that factors in the income of both parents, medical insurance, child care expenses, and living arrangements. The child support order will outline the monetary support, as well as other expenses such as visitation travel costs.

Due to the complexity of North Carolina child support laws, we recommend contacting us to schedule a consultation if you have questions about your situation. We can assist you with completing any legal documents needed and shed light on the process so you know what to expect.