If You Think Making a Will is Too Expensive,
Read This

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You hear the term “probate” and automatically think it is something you want to avoid at all costs. Although evading probate is possible in some cases, this process is really just a simple formality to legally pass on assets after your death.

If You Think Making a Will is Too Expensive, Read This

If you die with a will, the probate process will kick in to allow the court to implement the provisions included in this document. Unless you have an extremely complex estate, this process is relatively simple and quick, so your family members can close your estate soon after you die. Your estate will also go through the probate process if you die without a will. The difference is that without a will, you die intestate, which leaves the division of your property and assets up to the court.

When the court goes off of the laws in your state to divide your property and assets, the probate process takes much longer. On top of this, suddenly, probate becomes much more of a financial burden on your family than it would be if you had created a will before your death.

The choice is up to you – you can create a will and rest easy knowing you have the final word over dividing your assets and opt for a relatively quick probate process. Or, you can go without a will, knowing that probate could take much longer and be more expensive than if you had a will.

If you do decide to make a will, our law firm is here for you to make the estate planning process as painless as possible. To schedule your consultation and to find out more, give us a call today.