5 signs it’s time to make a will [infographic]

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Creating a will may not be very high on your to-do list. But accidents happen, and you want to be prepared. If any of these life events happen to you, it is time to contact our law firm to create your will and start estate planning.

5 signs it’s time to make a will [infographic]

1. You got married or divorced—Whether you started a marriage or ended one, it is time to make a new will. A change in marital status usually indicates that the beneficiaries to your will have changed.

2. You had a child—If you just had your first child, you need to make a will. By creating a will, you have a chance to name a guardian for your child in case something ever happens to you.

3. You started a business—When you start a business and you want to leave either the company or its assets to certain heirs, you need a will. Make sure you are clear about how you want your business divided or if you have a specific plan for continuing your operations.

4. You purchased a home—Buying a home is a significant purchase, and it should be included in your will. In your will, dictate whether you want the property sold and funds distributed to your heirs or if you want someone to inherit the property.

5. You acquired wealth—Any time you acquire a high-value asset, you should have it in your will. If you have yet to create one, make sure all your assets are included in your will.