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We can guide you efficiently through the probate administration process.

For an asset to change hands, the transfer can only occur when you have the legal authority. In simple terms, you have to first own something in order to give it away or sell it. When a person dies, they are no longer able to handle the process of transferring their own property, so it is necessary to appoint someone to handle it for them. The probate administration process involves choosing the person who will have the legal authority to handle the decedent’s estate.

Probate Administration in Mooresville, North Carolina

At Tarantino Law, PLLC, we offer a variety of estate law services in the Mooresville, North Carolina area, including providing probate administration assistance and guidance. If you were nominated in a decedent’s will to be the personal representative for the estate or chosen by the court, we can guide you efficiently through the probate administration process and in accordance with prevailing estate law. We’ll walk you through what your responsibilities are, as well as what you can and cannot do in your role as personal representative.

We can also address whether probate is necessary, as it may not be needed to transfer the decedent’s property to the intended and rightful beneficiaries. There is a different process to be taken in these instances that you’ll want to fully understand before proceeding.

If you have any questions about probate administration or other aspects of estate law, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a consultation at our office. We can also assist you with estate planning. Call today to learn more.

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