HCPOA, Mooresville, NC

We cover all the bases when assisting you with the preparation of HCPOA documents.

We all go through life hoping, planning, and perhaps praying for a happy, rewarding, and trouble-free existence. However, that doesn’t stop us from purchasing adequate insurance to cover the unknown and unexpected. If being insured makes sense to you, there is another precaution that you should take – creating an HCPOA (Health Care Power of Attorney). The purpose of this legal document is to put someone in charge of your health care should you be unable to speak for yourself. At Tarantino Law, PLLC, we highly recommend having a full estate plan, including an HCPOA, so you can be confident your wishes will be carried out should you become incapacitated.

HCPOA in Mooresville, North Carolina

It is important to choose the person you’ll give this power to carefully and have conversations with them, at length, about what your wishes are regarding a variety of health care decisions. It is possible to change the person you assign down the road, so if the situation changes, just let us know, and we’ll revoke the previous one and prepare new HCPOA documentation.

If you spend significant time in more than one location, such as summers in Mooresville, North Carolina and winters further south, you can assign a person in each place so they can conveniently uphold their obligations if you are in need in either location. There are other situations in which you might also want more than one healthcare agent, such as having two or more children assigned, but keep in mind that the majority must agree on care or they’ll have to go to court, which could result in a delay in your health care. It is also important to choose an HCPOA who will work well with your financial agent, as they often have to agree on matters when finances and healthcare are both involved. These are just a few of the concerns that we will address when you consult with us to prepare the documentation for an HCPOA.

HCPOA in Cornelius, NC