Operating Agreements, Cornelius, NC

We can help you set up a binding operating agreement.

As a business owner, you want a certain level of personal protection, but you do not necessarily want extreme rigidity. In cases like these, forming a limited liability company may be a good option. If you decide to set up an LLC, you will need to set up an operating agreement.

Operating Agreements in Cornelius, North Carolina

Operating agreements are used by LLCs to outline their financial and functional goals and decisions, including provisions, rules, and regulations. These agreements govern how the business operates internally, based on what the business owners want. Once all the members of the LLC sign the operating agreement, it becomes a binding contract.

We help business owners in Cornelius, North Carolina set up operating agreements. If you recently formed an LLC and need help with this process, reach out to us at Tarantino Law, PLLC. We can help you determine which terms to include based on the operations of your business in addition to ensuring this document remains legally binding. Our goal is to not only protect your business and enhance its success, but also provide you with greater piece of mind.

As small business lawyers, we work on operating agreements frequently, so you can trust our knowledge and level of experience on this important matter. For more information about what operating agreements do or to set up your initial consultation with our firm, contact us today.

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