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Protect your assets and your legacy.

You have worked hard your entire life to leave a lasting legacy behind when you pass away. As such, you do not want your assets falling prey to creditors, people outside of your family, or other malicious parties following their transfer to your beneficiaries.

Asset Protection in Cornelius, North Carolina

Asset protection planning involves putting measures into place that protect your assets once you are gone. For example, if you plan to pass on an inheritance to your grandchild but worry about their financial responsibility, you can add stipulations to disburse the funds at major age milestones to ensure the inheritance will be put to the best use possible. Or, if you have a beneficiary who works in a riskier profession, you could put safeguards in place to protect the inheritance from becoming collateral in a lawsuit.

At Tarantino Law, PLLC, our role is to oversee the asset protection process on your behalf. As your estate planning lawyers, we will take time to get to know you better and the plans you have for your estate. We will then recommend effective asset protection measures that safeguard the inheritances and legacy you want to leave behind after you pass away.

Asset protection planning is a highly customizable process that depends heavily on the unique goals and circumstances surrounding every estate. To get this process started or learn more about the legal services we provide to clients in Cornelius, North Carolina, contact us today.

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